My name is George van Baalen born on 09 July 1979 in Bloemfontein and I spent my first younger years growing up on the border of Angola. I moved to Port Elizabeth at the age of 12 and matriculated in 1997.

My good uncle oom Philip de Vos always took me to the race track and I had this dream to one day go around the track in a race car never mind driving one!

Drag and events:1998 to 2001

Drag racing and events held at Scribante by Terry Moss was where it all started for me in a Golf GTI 2 followed by Deon Slabbert 1.8 Mp9 beast, good times.


Inflatable Boat Racing:

My racing career started in 2002 when I started racing inflatable boats until the end of 2010.

I raced in various world championships, local and international. The highlight of my boating career was winning the Junior World development class in 2005.

In 2009 we ended second in the World Championships P750 blueprint class. I won various regional and club championships in the eight years of racing competitively.

Enduro Racing:

I then raced enduro off-road motorbikes from 2012 until 2019 and was in the top three at the prestigious Winterberg. The one biggest achievement was completing the Sea to Ski extreme enduro.

Circuit Racing: 2014 current 

I started racing circuit cars at the local Scribante track in 2016 and I have raced Polo’s MK 1, GTI 7 in various regional races and won the 2021 Regional Championship of the EP Regional Saloons.


We started rallying in 2018 in the MK 1 Golf thanks to Gorden Nolan, have since raced two competitive seasons

1400 Polo 1.2 Turbo class and Second in the class s1 championship 2019.

Currently racing the 2l Vw Polo and this will be my first season in s3 class, watch this space!

Endurance Circuit Racing:

I have done various three hours endurance races over the last five years and the highlight of my career was competing in the nine-hour endurance race in Cape Town ending sixteenth on the grid and completing the event.

My passion for racing starts with people and memories for one day when I sit on my stoep!


 Be good or be good at it , go big or go home!