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The final showdown of the 2013 R50kChallenge


The GMP Motor Sport final round of the Algoa Rally Club 50k challenge will take place on the 29 and 30 of November 2013 starting at the Hexagon B&B this will also be the service park between stages, start and finish of the Rally. Saturday evening one of the winning teams will be handed a R 50 000.00 prize consisting of a Volkswagen Polo partly assembled rally car with driver and navigator kit including a custom digitally printed gazebo for the vehicle displaying the 2013 50k Rally Champion.

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The leading contenders are Jacques Louw driver and Gabriel Groener navigator with 99 points followed by Rikus Schmidt – Stephno Pietersa 96, Iddo Steyn – Mark Irvine 90. The remaining 20 competitors will be pushing the leaders to the limit for prize money paid out at R 25.00 per point.

What has made this rally special is all competitors have stood a chance to win the prize based on a fair system of points scoring for each class of S1-1400cc, S2- 1600cc and S3 2000cc the overall winners on the day also score a few points that keeps the championship hopes alive over the six events run around the Eastern Cape. Local business contributes towards these events by assisting the organisers with sponsorship and many rallies are started in public place that include shopping malls that draw attention to the venues.

The GMP Motor Sport final round will take place in the Uitenhage area on Friday evening the 29 with the first car leaving the Hexagon at 20h00 and the first stage will start in the Jag flaktas power station. Spectators can view the cars in action from the power station or around the pan in the dark, this stage will be repeated on Saturday morning between 10h00 – 11h00.

The rally will move between the Jag Vlakte and Scribante Race track along the Daniel Pienaar road past Motherwell. To make the final round more challenging it was decided to have night stages with a variety of gravel consisting of graded and existing roads with the navigation not familiar to the competitors.

Friday night stages will finish after 23h00 and all vehicles will be parked in the holding area until Saturday morning then released to continue with the rally expected to finish after lunch on Saturday. Many of the competitors, officials and pit crew will sleep over on Friday and Saturday evening to attend the 50k and annual prize giving that will conclude the rally season of 2013.

The 50k Rally challenge is the first in the country and has attracted interest and sponsors from in and out of town that have benefitted local competitors, Motor Sport can be expensive and by introducing the 50k challenge where competitors receive cash for points and a lucrative prize of an almost complete 2013 model Volkswagen Polo has seen unprecedented growth of Algoa Rally Club membership.

The local rally scene has the most female competitors in the country and the rally cars consist of a variety of modern expensive cars and the older classics including a development class for beginners that happen to be one of the leading teams in contention for the prize. Rally competition is tough and not just about driving skill, driver and navigator have to work together as a team with the navigator giving the driver direction from pace notes and the driver managing the speed according to the instructions over the intercom with the ability to read the road that does not always go according to plan and inconsistencies over the year can end in disappointment.


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Article supplied by Neville Bartle

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