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Round 2 of the R50KChallenge: OCEAN BASKET RALLY


The Algoa Rally Club will host the second round of the R 50 000.00 prize challenge on Saturday the 11 of May 2013 starting at the Ocean Basket in Uitenhage with documentation and scrutineering, the rally will be known as the Ocean Basket 50k challenge.

The first car will leave the Ocean Basket parking area and proceed to the first stage that will be held in the Uitenhage area to give rally enthusiasts some action before moving onto the Longmore Forests.


The special stages will be run in the Longmore Forests where spectators will be able to view the rally cars in action. The organisers are expecting at least 25 local rally cars to participate that will consist of 1400cc – 2 litre VW Polo's, Toyota's, Fords and Nissans.

The rally is expected to draw out of town teams and competitors that are invited to participate as a pre-VW National warm up test shake down. This will give local enthusiasts the opportunity to view some world class rally vehicles in a relaxed environment should they decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

The rally will have a service park in the Longmore Forest that will be repeated as a base, with stages that will start and end around the service park. Parc Ferme will be in the Thornhill Hotel parking area and prize giving will be hosted by Thornhill Hotel.

For more information on the rally visit the website for updates or contact Roxanne on 041-3609332.


# Rally in longmore forest!Administrator 2013-03-14 11:12
Very much looking forward to this one! It will be a good practise run for the VW National on the same roads in the Cape Pine Longmore forest!

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