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Spectator guide - Round 1 of the R50k Challenge


Spectator Info:

Below we detailed 3 of the best spectator points for the rally. Please remember that motorsport is dangerous. Keep well clear of the stage itself!

Please note that times or even entire stages can be changed at last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

It is always best to check the latest information at the start (Hunters Retreat Hotel) before you proceed to a spectator point.

Please do not liter or block any roads with your vehicles while spectating.

You can download this guide at the bottom of this article: Click on "download attachment"

Hunters Retreat Hotel (Start) to Parsons Green (Spectator Point A) - Stages 1 & 2

You can park next to Cape Rd (please park clear of the road) and watch the cars do two runs through this 2.6km tar stage. Please stand well clear of the stage!

The first car is expected just after 10H00.


Exit Hunters Retreat Parking area into Cape Rd (towards Greenbushes)

Zero ODO

0.15km Robot straight

0.54km Robot straight

0.82km Robot straight

3.86km Park on the left hand side of Cape Rd (R102) for Spectator Point A.

Hunters Parsons 

Parsons Green (Spectator Point A) to PEOTR (Spectator Point B) - Stages 3,4,5&6

This stage has two different routes that will be run four times during the day. The tight, twisty routes and loose gravel with sandy patches should provide some nice spectator action! You will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the machines and crews in the service park that will operate here during the rally.

Park in the designated parking area. The service park is at the back of the oval track and the stages to the right as you enter the grounds. Please park to the left and enter the spectator point to the right on foot. All stages will end close to the oval track just past the service park.

First car due in service at about 10h50

Safety first! Stand well clear of the stage and please obey the marshals.


Zero ODO at Spectator Point A

Continue down Cape Rd (R102) towards Greenbushes

2.17km Turn right - Mission Rd

7.00km Turn left into PEOTR

Parsons PEOTR

PEOTR to Jagtvlakte (Spectator Point C) - Stages 7&8

This will be one of the best views of the rally with the posibility of some huge air if competitors opt to hit the big jump next to the lake!

Park you car and walk down towards the lake. Rally cars will be coming from your right to left. To view the jump you will need to walk to the left about 200M for the best view.

REMEMBER: Motorsport is dangerous! Keep well clear of the stage and obey the marshals!


Exit the PEOTR turn left onto tar - Mission Rd

Zero ODO

0.98km Start of stages 4,5,7,8 on the left - Keep straight

3.51km Robot - Turn left into Stanford Rd (M10)

6.70km Booysens Park on your right - Keep straight (M10)

7.88km STOP - Turn right towards Uitenhage (M14)

10.26km STOP - T-junction Turn left towards Uitenhage

12.25km Start of stages 5&6 on your left (Masaken Site Camp) - Keep straight

15.44km Turn left onto gravel at "AVENG Grinaker LTA" sign about 150m before the NMB Logistics Park entrance.


Keep on wide gravel road towards containers

16.48 Fork next to big gravel heap - Keep left onto smaller gravel rd

Park and walk down to Spectator Point C


33 48'37"S

25 25'28"E

PEOTR Jagtvlakte


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