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Regulations and Specifications for the 2013 MSA Eastern Province Club Rally Championship



These regulations are to be read in conjunction with the General Competition Rules (GCR's) and Standing Supplementary Regulations (SSR's) of Motorsport South Africa (MSA). These regulations must be read and understood by all competitors.

The Controllers of the Championship will be the MSA Eastern Province Regional Committee. All championship events will be run under the auspices of the AMSC RALLY Assn. The organizers and promoters of the Championship shall be the AMSC Rally Assn.

Validity of the Regulations
For the calendar year 2013

Aim of the Championship
The aim of the Championship is to declare an Eastern Province Club champion, driver and navigator.

All qualifying rallies shall be held under the General Competition Rules and Standing Supplementary Regulations of MSA, these Club Championship Regulations and the Supplementary Regulations issued by the Promoters, as well as any additional regulations and\ or amendments that the Controllers reserve the right to issue at any time without prior notice. Any additional regulations and or amendments will only come into force once an MSA Circular / Bulletin has been issued.

a) The Championship shall be open to all competitors residing in the Eastern Province who hold a valid competition license from MSA. Refer GCR 227.
b) Any competitor who is not resident in the Eastern Province and wish to score in the championship must apply to the controllers in writing

Championship Events
a) All nominated 2013 events
b) Where a Club rally is combined with a National rally in the region, the eligible entrants who enter the national event will be scored for the Club Championship at normal points. The National event must be done as a whole and cannot be split into 1 day. The controllers reserve the right to allocate bonus points for completion of the National event or part there off. (Ref event regulations for detail)

Number of events to count
a) All events held will be counted in determining the final positions
b) If five events are held , all will count towards the Championship
c) If less than five events are held the Championship will be abandoned

These vehicles must however comply with all MSA requirements regarding safety.
a) Class S1 Up to and including 1400cc (Dispensation of 1423cc for Citi Golf)
b) Class S2 Up to and including 1600cc
c) Class S3 Up to and including 2000cc
d) Class S4 Over 2000cc

Minimum number of starters per class 3, to qualify as a starter, the vehicle must leave the starting area under its own power. If there are less then 3 starters in a class you will move up a class to be eligible for points.

Points scoring on the results of the event
a) Points will be scored for the overall and class positions. A competitors score on each event for the purpose of the Drivers or Co-Drivers\Navigators Championship will be the total of his\her overall classification points and his\her class points.
b) Competitors beaten by other competitors in a lower class shall only score points as if the lower class competitor were competing in the same class.
c) The order of the classes for points scoring purposes will be S4, S3, S2 and S1.
d) Points ( Each class) 1st 15 points 2nd 14 points 3rd 13 points 4th 14 points There after the points decrease by one point down 1 point for 15th position
e) Points ( Overall ) Number of finishers determine the Total Points i.e. 4 finishers 4 points
f) Ineligible crewmembers, (drivers or navigators) from another Region, shall be ignored as starters and finishers for both overall and class placing for purpose of allocating championship points unless they are AMSC Club members.
g) No organizers points will be allowed

Separation of Ties
Any ties will be resolved in favor of the competitor having the greater number of firsts. Should this fail the greater number of seconds then thirds and so on

Distance for Eastern Province Rally Events
a) Special stage distance minimum 60km Maximum 90 km (par National)
b) Any exception to these distances will be considered on application to the controlling body
c) Two central service park will be used if open sections exceed 30 km
d) Tar only competitors distance specified prior to the event in event regulations

Announcement of points awarded
Scoring for each qualifying event will be available from the MSA offices on the second Monday following the event; any objections thereto must be lodge in writing not later than the Friday following the Monday on which the scoring was available. MSA reserves the right to correct clerical errors at any time.

Declaration of winners
The MSA Eastern Province Motor sport Committee, at its sole discretion is responsible for declaring the winner of the Championship, or to with hold such declaration.

Rally tyres:
Tyres and wheels are free.

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Regulations and Specifications for the 2013 EP Challenge

Regulations and Specifications for the 2013
MSA Eastern Province Club Rally Championship

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