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Final round of the Algoa Rally Association - Regional rally: 24 November 2012


The final rally for Algoa Rally Association was staged at the Motherwell gravel stage repeated for stage 1 and 2, approximately 40 Kilometers of rough gravel surface that took its toll on some of the vehicles. Iddo Steyn and navigator Mark Irvine driving a Ford Escort, took the lead by winning the first two stages.

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Stages 3 and 4 were run within the grounds of Aldo Scribante Race circuit around the outer and inner gravel surface with 5 laps of each stage around the tar circuit in a clock and anti-clock wise direction. These stages were won by Neels and Jan Vosloo driving a Nissen Sentra who took the overall win for the day followed by Brian and Gary Heine driving a VW Golf by 2:08 minutes and in third place Ross Bartle and Rick Janse Van Rensburg driving a RA5 VW Golf 2:51 minutes behind the Heine’s. This was a back to back win for the pair of Neels and Jan Vosloo after winning the prestigous Fountains Mall rally.

The VW Junior RA5 Golf 1400 rally team contest for the regional championship was a close contest between Ross Bartle and Ricky Jv Rensberg, Jouwert vd Waldt and Andries Beyers, Andrew Heine and Kelvin Bowls respective drivers and navigators.

The first 2 stages took their toll with Bartle loosing gears due to a damaged gear lever, Van Der Walt plaged with punctures and Andrew Heine with engine failure which was terminal. The sevice park at Scribante was a hive of activity trying to rectify damage done on the gravel stages. Ross and Rick, along with pit crew, managed to hijack the barman’s car spotted parked at the control tower and borrow the gear lever.

Stage 3 around Scribante was nail biting with Ross over shooting a corner and stuck in a ditch which he managed to exit and Jouwert loosing a CV and coasted to a permanent stop on the outside of hairpin bend. The RA5 Regional class was won By Ross and Rick, as the only finisher in the class.

The S20 Class entries included Keith Mac Gregor and Rikus Fourie driving a GC Diesel Polo 1800cc who finished in a respectable 5 th place on his debute outing with this well polished Polo and looking forward to next year.

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