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Round 7 of 2012: Scribante Rally Results


The Scribante rally was held on the 24 November 2012 with stages in Motherwell and at the Aldo Scribante race circuit.

Here is the final results, congratulations to the winners!

Overall final results (Round 7):

1) Neels Vosloo / Jan Vosloo (Nissan Sentra)

2) Bryan Heine / Gary Heine (VW Golf)

3) Ross Bartle / Ricky J van Rensburg (VW Golf)

They were followed by Iddo Steyn and Mark Irvine in an Escort and Keith Mcgregor and Rikus Fourie in a VW Polo.

Final class RA5 Results:

1) Ross Bartle / Ricky J van Rensburg

Final class S20 Results:

1) Neels Vosloo / Jan Vosloo

2) Bryan Heine / Gary Heine

3) Iddo Steyn / Mark Irvine (Ford Escort)

Neels Vosloo / Jan Vosloo - Nissan Sentra














Round 7 of 2012: Final Overall Results

The final overall results of the final rally for 2012: The Scribante Rally

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