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And so the 2016 ARC 50k Club challenge is upon us and the countdown has begun to the 2nd April for the start of our championship. If 2015 has anything to go by we are in for a super competitive year ahead.

2015 was a tight fought season with Johan Viljoen navigated by his stunning daughter Juane going into the final round of the championship with a slender 9 point lead (97) out of 28 points up for grabs.

Having to finish in the top 6 positions, the pressure was on to finish as Johan was followed very close by a group of competitors split by only 4 points between 2nd and 5th place.MalherbePEScribante

In 2nd was 2014 Champion The young up and coming Ashley Bezuidenhout with the Grandpa of ARC namely the ever experienced ex VW Navigator Mark Irvine reading the notes on 88 points tied with Jan Vosloo (Mnr) and Ria Viljoen Jansen in the hot seat followed by Mr. Consistent Neels Vosloo (Jnr) and Motor mouth Kevin Futcher reading the notes on 86 points.

The final event the Heinesport rally was based at Scribante race circuit and ran stages in Uitenhage and Motherwell areas as a Night/Day rally over 2 days applying extra pressure of fatigue on the competitors. With all the drama’s and positions changing during the event the rally was won by Etienne Malherbe with his son Mauritz giving his “Old Man” the directions to perfection. Hopefully we will see the George businessman (Silverton Radiators) partake in a few more events in 2016 as the RED Dustbin SSS really attracts spectators as he can only drive the vehicle like Etienne does (sideways).

The (Dominee) Who blesses every competitor on all our events managed to hold on and finish 6th Overall to hang on to the Championship by a slender 2 points from 2014 Champion Ashley Bezuidenhout with Mr. Consistent Neels Vosloo (a further 2 pts back) completing the Podium 2015.

Podium Championship points for 2015.

Johan Viljoen/Juane Viljoen 118

Ashley Bezuidenhout/Mark Irvine 116

Neels Vosloo/ Kevin Futcher 114

The 2016 Championship starts with the Hunters Retreat Hotel Rally on the 2nd April in Cape Road with documentation and pre- scrutineering on Friday evening 1st April from 18h00.

The event start (09h30) will have stages at Parsons Green opposite Algoa Steel which is run on tar attracting spectators for sideway action. The event will then run stages at the PETOR (PE Oval track) Mission road area and at Jaghtsvlagte outside Uitenhage near the VW Factory with the event ending at The Hunters Retreat Hotel around 17h00.

If the 2015 Championship was exciting I expect more competitors to be bunched closer for 2016. With 20+ vehicles competing in the championship this year we are expecting competitors from as far as Cape Town joining our championship this year.GroupRallyCars

The Championship has 2 new competitors as young as 16yrs old competing this year who we will be watching closely.

Competitors to watch for 2016 are Johan Viljoen in his brand new Polo which he won as first prize in the 2015 championship, Darren Murphy, The “Vosloo’s”, Rufus Neethling, Melissa (The Model) Heyman, Iddo “Sideways” Steyn who will have Mark “Grandpa” Irvine reading the notes as unfortunately Ashley Bezuidenhout and Jacques Louw are having a sabbatical this year however they might surprise us during the year. Also a quick driver is Ross Bartle if “Pops Chairman” and “Blondie” can get the team right. But watch out if “The Old Man” Etienne Malherbe is on the start line and also “MR. Rally” Brian Heine both in their “Sideways SSS” have anything to do with it.

We also have a few new sponsors coming on board this year and will welcome them once all the details are finalized. Good luck to all the teams for 2016 and just keep it safe and “Sideways”


Article by Essie CoC Bezuidenhout

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