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The reality is that the vast majority of club level competitors do not have sponsorships yet. Their rallying is usually self-funded, or sometimes by a relative who wants to support them. The lack of funds are the main reason for slow growth at club level while the mainstream 1st tier events flourish with huge corporate backing even though the business marketing benefits are the same.

The club itself is heavily reliant on sponsors to help cover the costs of organizing events. These costs include route preparation and permissions, safety measurement, road closures and traffic handling, officials, prizes etc.

Normally, sponsors want to achieve business benefit from their investment. This is typically derived from the development of important business relationships. Neither the club nor the competitors are asking for donations. We are offering a business partnership where we as the club and the competitors provide your business with benefits in return for help with funding our passion.

Typically available benefits to a sponsor:

Motorsport sponsorships can increase brand name awareness through visibility in the community, improve revenue, establish and cement your branding as well as improve employee morale. You can reach thousands of potential customers by giving them exposure to your company and or products through the different advertising opportunities motorsport can provide.

Racing sponsorship improves the loyalty of a company’s employees. Think of simple things such as a polo shirt with the race team name and your company’s logo on it. Racing events can be a very fun family outing - employees and their children would really appreciate a day at the track. Another incentive that can be used to build a company’s morale is to allow an employee(s) to work on the car preparation. Obviously this will apply more if you are an automotive shop or related business.

Highly visible advertising on cars (they are loud and attract attention anywhere they go)

Advertising material distribution at events

Exposures at events vary but huge crowds usually gather at the Volkswagen Rally and the Fountains Mall Rally every year.

Naming rights (Rallies, stages, teams, events)

We have a web site for up to date reports and sponsor promotion.

We have committed a publicist who will produce press releases pre and post club events that include sponsor promotion.

We are committed to creating a strong and pro-active partnership with all sponsors and offer an effective marketing medium.

Sponsorship offers your company a unique and highly visible method of increasing product and brand awareness to the public.

Common myths about Motorsport Sponsorships:

Myth 1 - Providing sponsorship is simply too expensive. Not true! Although motorsport is very expensive in general, you can determine how you would like to provide assistance to the race team – there are many different forms of sponsorship and it does not have to include financial support.

Myth 2 - All that you receive in return for sponsoring the team is your company’s name on the car. Yes the logo can be great advertising but there are many more ways a racing team can assist you with marketing. Teams will produce press releases pre and post club events where they will promote their sponsors.

To become involved as sponsor to the club or a team please contact us for more information and options available.

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