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Become a competitor


There are many places to start and ways to go about becoming a rally competitor but please consider the following steps and tips as it has made it easier for newbie’s before you:

Go and have a look

Spectating is the best way to get started, as it helps you work out which kind of motorsport you would like to get involved in. Rallies are held regularly, from club events to National “NRC” events. Have a look at our events calendar for local events.

Speak to current competitors

Drivers and Co-drivers at our club events would be more than willing to share information with you. Spend some time in the service parks and have a drink with us after an event, these guys all started where you are now.

Join a Club

If you want to continue down the path of rallying, and you've well and truly got the bug, the next step is to join a club. Clubs are the backbone of the sport, running events and holding regular meetings for motorsport-minded people. These clubs are a fantastic source of information, where you can meet people who are more than happy to help newcomers get involved. Many clubs also run “come and try” or “open” days, allowing you to experience firsthand the excitement of rallying.

The following are things that you will need or need to consider (also consider the financial implication):

A race prepared car (if you want to be a driver)

Best speak to a current competitor or club official for help with car specifications, safety requirements etc. You can also have a look at the Motorsport South Africa regulations to get an idea of the preparation required. Get good advice when buying or building a car to keep the costs down. Have a look at the classifieds section on our website for race-ready rally cars.

A driver (if you want to be a co-driver)

Learn how to read! – Only applicable if you want to be a co-driver though.......

Race suit, helmet etcSafety apparel specified by the Motorsport regulations for the level that you want to compete at. The club will be able to advise you on suppliers and requirements.

A clubyou need to join a club before Motorsport South Africa (MSA) will issue you a license.

A motorsport licenseThis can be obtained from Motorsport South Africa. The club will advise you on procedures and the type of license you will need for the level you wish to compete at. This license also includes compulsory motorsport medical cover from Motorsport South Africa. Both driver and co-driver will need a license.

The following are running expenses and costs involved for competitors to consider:

Entry fees, cost of transport, car prep and service, car repair (after incidents), fuel, tyres etc.

Motorsport in general is a rather expensive sport but at club level the sport is kept as affordable (and within reach) as possible.

The Algoa Rally Club members and officials aim to constantly grow and promote rallying in the Eastern Cape and helping new competitors to get involved are key to our success.

We will see you at our next event!

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