The final results: Rally#1 of 2012 (Lennox Rally)


Here are the final results from first rally of 2012 held by the Algoa Rally Club on 31 March 2012. The rally was held at the PEOTR with stages at Bridgemeade and Hunter Retreat and sponsored by Lennox. The first two long gravel stages at the oval track was absolutely drenched in water with rain comming down steadily. The tar stages later in the day was dry on the second run as the rain stopped eventually.

Overall Final Results:

1) Jouwert vd Walt / Andries Beyers in a VW Golf

2) Ross Bartle / Ricky Janse v Rensburg in a VW Golf

3) Neels Vosloo / Jan Vosloo in a Nissan Sentra

Class RA5 Final Results:

1) Jouwert vd Walt / Andries Beyers (VW Golf)

2) Ross Bartle / Ricky Janse v Rensburg (VW Golf)

3) Rufus Neethling / Henry Adams

Class S20 Final Results:

1) Neels Vosloo / Jan Vosloo (Nissan Sentra)

2) Iddo Steyn / Mark Irvine (Ford Escort)

3) Charl v Jaarsveld / Lennox O'Linsky

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Final overall results 31/03/12

The final overall results from the first rally of 2012 season

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