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ARC 2017 Round 1 - THE VALLEY BASH - Entries Opening Soon!


Entries are open! - All entries will be entered into the draw for a 2 night stay in the stunning Kududu Guest House!

The 2017 Valley Bash

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Entry Fee Sponsored !!!

What this means:

You will be refunded your FULL entry fee at the event.


ENTER here



1) Your entered car must cross the start line under its own power.

2) Crew must be present at the prize giving to receive the refund in person.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in a forfeit of your refund.


Documentation and Prize Giving at Bridge Street Breweries in Baakens Valley



Stages (more info to follow)

Algoa Steel, Rex Diff and Gearbox and webhelper.co.za

algoa-steel RDG Webhelper

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