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Round 2: Ocean Basket Rally 2014


The next Algoa Rally 50k Challenge will take place in the Uitenhage area starting at the Ocean Basket around 8h00 with documentation and first rally car will leave between 10h00-10h30. The Ocean Basket will have special breakfast menus available at reduced prices from the restaurant for competitors, crew and public that may wish to view the cars before the start and follow the rally.

Sam 27 May 2013 362

The first stage will be a mixture of tar and gravel in the grounds of Daniel Pienaar School that will be repeated as the second stage, these stages are open to the public with demarcated spectator areas and Brendon Kelly will keep the spectators updated over the PA system, this will be followed by a service with tyre change on the (B) rugby field. The association with Daniel Pienaar school is significant due to the schools technical tuition and already established Motor Sport division for students that train on technical preparation, the school also recognises Motor Sport as an official sport for its students that is commended.

The Ocean Basket rally will be a warm up to the VW National rally in July, this will be used as an opportunity for vehicle set up and test as well as compete for the series 50k prizes on offer, the organisors of Algoa Rally Club are expecting about 20 local competitors and a few out of town entries. The gravel stages can be viewed by travelling along the Daniel Pienaar main road towards Motherwell (open farm area on the left) these stages and others will be confirmed before the event with spectator guide information.

The rally will end at about 16h00 at the Ocean Basket and a prize giving will be held on the deck area between 6h00-7h00 where all are welcome.

Ocean Basket permanent structure supplied by Cape Fabric Engineering photo attached


Article supplied by Neville Bartle

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