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The R50kChallenge has LAUNCHED with a spectacular event


The Algoa Rally Club's official launch of the 2013 R50kChallenge and its new branding (check out the new website header) was held at Cubana restaurant on the beach front last night attended by club members, competitors, and invited guests including the media and Bay Television. The master of ceremonies and National Power Boat commentator Brendon Kelly, welcomed the guests and introduced the guest of honour, Mark Cronje, the current SA National rally champion.

R50kChallenge launch

Mark Cronje addressed the 150 guests, many dressed in 50k shirts to celebrate the occasion. Mark encouraged and supported club level rally and congratulated the organisers of the 50k challenge and appealed to the local motoring manufacturers to get more involved with club level rally and create opportunities for up and coming drivers and navigators. He also encouraged competitors to follow their dreams and passion for the sport and not to get despondent with factory sponsored team domination.

The evening proceeded with model dancers filtering through the centre of the crowd in single file, dressed in skimpy 50k outfits supporting flags with logos, performing synchronised modern dancing with a leading front stage break dancer supported by back ground music and smoke screen with revving car acoustics mixed.

The 50k challenge concept was addressed by Bryan Heine who emphasised that Motor Sport competitors should benefit from the sport the same as other professional sport of rugby, football and cricket as example. The 50k challenge was a small contribution and incentive to how the future of rally and motor sport competitors should benefit. This example Polo, built by GMP Motor Sport, was unveiled and christened with champaign by Mark Cronje.

The guests joined in the celebration with champaign and basket snacks served from Cabana with an elevated veranda view of selected rally cars parked on a centre island under spotlights supported with sponsors flags with Mac Arthur baths pools and kings beach picturesque backdrop.

The competitors of the 50k challenge were called up on stage in pairs of driver and navigator with names displayed on the monitors to receive the 50k challenge base trophy for the year. This will be updated with add-on finishing order emblems for each event.

To commemorate the guest of honour for taking time out to share his experience, from early karting days to recent WRC participation, a Mark Cronje floating trophy will be awarded with a R 1000.00 cash prize for the rookie of the day achievements at each event.

Brendon Kelly closed off the formalities of the evening by paying tribute to Bryan Heine for his contribution and passion to the sport and encouraged everyone to support the series with the next rally of the season, the Ocean Basket Rally taking place on Saturday 11 May starting in Uitenhage with over 30 entries expected which includes factory teams of Volkswagen and Toyota Motor Sport who will be using this event as a pre-VW National Rally practice.


Some pictures of the event in our gallery CLICK HERE!


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