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The R50K Challenge Q & A


What's this R50k Rally Challenge about?
R50k is the value of the prize for the winner of 6 rounds of the Algoa Rally Club's (ARC) rally competition for the year.

So it's not R50000 in cash?
The prize is made up of rally hardware to the value of R50k including a Polo Vivo shell with a factory built FIA specification safety roll cage and carefully prepared by GMP Motorsport for rally purposes.Together with this comes a full car size gazebo printed in the Challenge logo's generously sponsored by Cape Fabric Engineering as well as a sizeable contribution fromTeam GC Diesel Racing towards the whole package.

ATS Motorsport's amazing gift to rally in the Eastern Cape rounds off the reward for the winners with two fire-resistant race suits, driving gloves and boots and most of all 4 Dunlop rally tyres.

And who is this for?
Any licenced rally driver and co-driver who are members of the ARC and who have access to any 2 wheel drive rally car under 2 litre engine capacity and complying with the safety standards of the sport can participate.

Yes, but surely the most expensive car will win?
With points awarded for class and overall position we believe that consistency will win the day. After the first round the Challenge is led by a 1600 followed by a 2litre and a 1400 in third spot. It's anybody's game still.

Why the 50k?
Many people ask motorsport competitors the question "you must win a lot of money when you race?" and the answer always is no, we don't race for reward. After winning the National Championship for 2012 the champion was faced with obtaining a new sponsor. There's not much personal financial benefit in the sport at all and definitely not at club level. Rugby players are rewarded with six figure retainers even when they don't win.
The 50k is being put up to draw new competitors into the sport and to reward those who continue to pursue their passion with a view to strong growth.
The promoter's wishes are that the prize will encourage new cars to join the field.


If I have talent but don't have a car what can I do?
The Algoa Rally Club is the curator of 6 Citi Golf Rally Cars previously donated by Volkswagen Motorsport which are allocated to suitable applicants under the age of 25 to rally and maintain for a year at a time to showcase their talents and seek sponsors in order to nurture the sport of Rally. These competitors also participate in the R50k Challenge.
The club committee are on constant lookout for new competitors in other forms of motorsport.
Contact the club or check out this website for more info and regular updates!

When is the next event?
The next rally will take place in Uitenhage and the Longmore forests on 11 May 2013 followed by the VW National Rally in July.

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